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Financial Abuse During Marriage Can Impact Divorce Negotiations

Updated: 5 days ago

Are you a victim of financial abuse in your marriage? You might be if your spouse has done a few of the following:

  • Pressured you to sign business or personal loan documents without explaining the risks;

  • Urged you to sign a joint tax return without allowing you to see it, ask questions, or meet with a tax professional;

  • Yelled at you about your savings or spending habits;

  • Told you that you were stupid when it comes to money;

  • Discouraged you from working and earning money;

  • Refused your repeated requests to meet with a financial advisor;

  • Made you live on a strict allowance;

  • Caused you to feel like you have no control over the family's money;

  • Threatened that you will be penniless if you file for divorce; or

  • Declared you will pay spousal support for the rest of your life if you leave.

In this interview, Laura McGee, owner of Leave Strong Divorce Services (a California-based divorce mediation and coaching practice) and I discuss how victims of financial abuse can prepare for divorce.

As a certified divorce financial analyst, also known as a CDFA professional, I am trained to help financially-abused spouses become financially literate. I help them feel like they have some control over the family's money. I call B.S. on their spouse's threats.

Every man or woman who feels like their spouse knows more about the family's finances than they do can benefit from a financial advocate.

Women, in particular, are scared to leave unhappy, unfulfilling, and even abusive marriages if they have no idea what their financial life will look like on the other side. Ironically, I often see these fears in affluent households where there is plenty of money to cover living expenses of each spouse and their minor children, if any.

If this sounds like you and you live in California, consider learning more about my flat-rate $499 "It Could Happen Package."

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