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Divorce Financial Analysis and Planning for Yourself

The Options Lady offers flat rate packages for clients contemplating divorce and for clients beginning or in the process of divorce mediation.  


Using a CDFA During the Divorce Process


Working with a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA) is a cost-effective way to protect against big financial mistakes that could impact you and your family in the future.


Based on information you provide, I use Family Law software to run scenarios that help individuals or couples explore the impacts of options regarding child and spousal support and property division. I am not a lawyer and do not provide legal advice but can work in conjunction with your  lawyer or mediator to analyze the financial and tax impacts of proposed settlement options.

If you are beginning or in the process of divorce mediation and want an advocate to help you craft and respond to proposals regarding asset division and child and/or spousal support, my flat-rate Mediation Money Mentor service costs $1,500. Learn more by clicking here. 


If you are divorcing via the traditional litigation process in which each party is represented by an attorney, I require a retainer with the amount varying based on the estimated scope of work.  


At $300/hour, my rate is 25% to 60% lower than what most California divorce attorneys charge and 20% to 30% lower than what most forensic accountants charge.

I also provide financial consulting to divorcing couples as a neutral financial expert on a wide variety of issues. Learn more by clicking here.



Using a CDFA if Considering Divorce

Do you wonder what life would be like financially if you and your spouse separated or divorced? Then my flat-fee "It Could Happen" package is for you. 

For individuals contemplating divorce, issues surrounding money can be among the scariest, challenging and contentious. As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), I help clients understand their current financial situation and what their situation may look like post-divorce.

Before making a call to an attorney, you can work with me to gather information on you and your spouse's assets, debts, income and expenses.  Don't have all the information? No problem. I can use estimates to forecast ranges for how much you may have in assets and debts post-divorce, whether or not you may be able to stay in your home, and how much child and/or spousal support may be based on various assumptions. 

Don't be blindsided by what you don't know. Read this one-page summary to see what the $699 "It Could Happen" package includes. This package is available only to residents of California.











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