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Divorce May Be the Largest Financial Event in Your Life

Divorcing without a certified divorce financial analyst by your side sets you up for unwanted financial surprises in the future. As you negotiate a settlement through mediation or litigation, what may seem like a fair division of assets may result in an unfair situation in the future.


I am Laurie Itkin, a certified divorce financial analyst (also known as a CDFA) and author of the Amazon best seller, Every Woman Should Know Her Options. I have worked on over 450 California divorce cases, educating men and women on the future impacts of proposed property division and support agreements, and empowering them to make smart financial decisions. I am an expert on addressing restricted stock units and stock options in divorce. In addition to divorce-related services, I provide financial planning and investment management as an investment advisor representative with Coastwise Capital Group.​

Whether you are contemplating divorce or in the thick of it, contact me to learn how I can help you make smart financial decisions. Make sure to check out my blog and subscribe to my monthly newsletter

Financial Advice & Wealth Management

Investment management for brokerage and retirement accounts using stocks, ETFs, Treasury bills, and conservative option strategies to earn income and reduce risk.

Confident Businesswoman

Divorce Financial Planning for Yourself

Financial analysis and planning for men and women contemplating divorce or already engaged in divorce settlement negotiations through mediation or litigation. 

Distanced Couple

Neutral Divorce Financial Analysis for You and Your Spouse

Hired jointly by spouses to develop various settlement options and determine separate property and income available for support. Specialize in equity compensation.

Attorney and Mediator Testimonials

"Laurie is my first choice time and again for clients who need the skills of a CDFA to help decipher their complex financial issues." 


Laura McGee, Mediator, Leave Strong Divorce Services

"As a lawyer and full-time family law mediator, my clients rely on my expertise to bring in only the top professionals to help us understand all issues relating to their divorce. I call on Laurie Itkin to work on my cases because she is efficient and precise, and she talks about even the most complex financial instruments in a way that my clients can truly understand. My clients just love working with Laurie."


Scott Levin, Family Law Attorney and Mediator, San Diego Divorce Mediation and Family Law

"I've worked with her on numerous cases and the memos she provides are so thorough and informative for both the clients and myself to understand."

Amanda Singer, Co-Founder and Professional Family Mediator, West Coast Family Mediation Center and VP of Academy of Professional Family Mediators

"As a divorce mediator, I rely on Laurie Itkin, The Options Lady, as my go-to resource whenever the marital estate includes RSUs, stock options or other employee equity compensation. Her reports are accurate, comprehensive, and affordable. She is so sharp and always available to answer questions and explain her reports. As a leading expert on equity compensation, she has been repeatedly invited to provide instruction at Southern California Mediation Association (SCMA) conferences and workshops."


Terri Breer, Family Law Attorney Mediator, and Chair of the SCMA Family Mediation Institute

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