Divorce May Be the Largest Financial Event in Your Life

Divorcing without a certified divorce financial analyst by your side sets you up for nasty financial surprises in the future. As you negotiate a settlement through mediation or litigation, what may seem like a fair division of assets now, may result in an unfair situation later.


My name is Laurie Itkin and I'm a financial advisor, certified divorce financial analyst (also known as a CDFA) and author of the Amazon best seller, Every Woman Should Know Her Options. I have worked on over 250 California divorce cases, educating men and women on the future impacts of proposed property division and support agreements and empowering them to make smart financial decisions.

Post-divorce, clients often need financial planning and investment management to generate monthly income from their assets or position them for growth for their future, a service I provide as a member of the team at Coastwise Capital Group.

Whether you are contemplating divorce or in the thick of it, request a brief phone consultation to learn how I can help you make smart financial decisions. Or you can check out my blog or subscribe to my monthly newsletter

Financial Advice/Wealth Management

Investment management for trust, retirement, and brokerage accounts.  Specialties in stocks, ETFs, and conservative option strategies which can be used to generate income or provide downside protection during volatile stock market periods. Fee-only fiduciary advisor.

Divorce Financial Planning

Financial analysis and planning for individuals and couples contemplating divorce or already engaged in divorce settlement negotiations. Hired as a financial advocate and advisor for one spouse or as a neutral financial analyst for couples in mediation or litigation.

Online Course for Women

Online course for women who want to increase their knowledge and confidence related to budgeting and investing for their future after divorce. Ideal for women who have signed a marital settlement agreement within the past two years.