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Invest Your Way to Financial Empowerment
At 24, Laurie Itkin received a $1,600 inheritance from her grandmother. The budgeting and investing decisions she made resulted in a $1M portfolio by the time she turned 40. Learn how to grow your wealth during different stages of your life.
Money Landmines for Women Over 50

Nobody wants to outlive their money or have to downgrade their lifestyle. Women over 50 are faced with a plethora of potential money landmines. Whether single, married, divorced, widowed or co-habitating, you'll receive tips on how to empower yourself financially.

Breaking Up is (Financially) Hard to Do
Whether it's you or your spouse who wants to end the marriage, you need to be prepared financially. The issues surrounding property division and spousal and child support are complex. What might seem like a good short-term solution could hurt you later.
Income Without Tenants, Toilets or Trash
Are you already investing in the stock or real estate markets? Discover conservative options strategies that generate income without having to deal with tenants, toilets or trash.

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