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Afraid You'll Invest in the Stock Market Right Before it Crashes?

The stock market took quite a tumble in 2022. You may have wished you had sold everything in your 401k or IRA in 2021 when the market was high. Or perhaps you did start selling once the stock market began crashing figuring that it will likely go down further and you'll get back in when stocks have hit the bottom.

It is very difficult to "time the market," meaning it is impossible to predict when the high has been hit and you should sell and when the low has been hit and you should buy.

And what if your worst fears were realized and your timing was absolutely awful?

What if you kept getting in at the peak of the market right before it crashed and had to sit patiently and suffer through losses time and time again? Well, Betty Badluck did just that. Read this article to see how that worked out for her.



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