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Growing up with a twice-divorced mother who could not financially support herself and her children, Laurie Itkin vowed to do whatever it would take to become financially independent.

At 24, Itkin received a $1,600 inheritance from her grandmother. Instead of spending it on clothes and shoes, she bought 40 shares of Starbucks. In Every Woman Should Know Her Options, Itkin describes how she built a million-dollar stock portfolio before she turned 40, starting with these five rules.

Filled with easy-to-understand examples and women’s stories of wealth-building challenges and successes, Itkin’s advice shows you how to take your hard-earned money and grow it in the stock market using options to reduce risk. Whether you hire a financial advisor to manage your money or manage it yourself, this book will put you on the path to financial empowerment.

Learn how to:
Grow your money by investing like the pros
Use options to generate income and lower your risk in the stock market
Stop paying high fees on your investments
Overcome obstacles women face in achieving financial independence
- Amanda Steinberg, Founder and CEO, DailyWorth
 "Among the crowded field of personal finance books that provide the same old advice on how to save for retirement sits Laurie Itkin’s inspiring, humorous, and inventive book."

"There is always room for another woman at the top of the roster for role models as leaders in women's financial empowerment and Laurie Itkin takes it to the next level. Move over Suze Orman and make room for Laurie Itkin."
     - Angela Culbertson

"The book is mind-blowing!!I feel like this book is willing to cut through the formalities and go right to the source of investing 101, to give us secrets that no one else will, unless of course you pay big bucks to an investment company. Even then, I don't think I would've learned all the tips that are in the book."
    - Mel Ball

"Laurie highlights both the how, and why, of her strategies. I will be buying this book as a gift for all the women in my life. If I had to complain about anything (and I don't), it would be the title. Because I'm a man, I found myself covering the title, initially, but I got over it pretty quickly. ;-) "
    - Brandon Nowden

"This is by far the best book I have read on investing. I had decided a couple of months ago to take charge of my Rollover IRA account and had been reading everything I came across but was still very confused. She has a way of making it fun and easy to understand. Unlike other books on investing, I did not want this one to end. I am ready to take charge of my financial future thanks to Laurie Itkin. Men should read it too!"
    - Kathi Grace

"I am a male and I have extensive investing knowledge but I rarely ever traded options. I found this book to be an easy read and quite a good explanation of option trading. I found it an excellent primer. Five stars.
    - Michael Bennett

I write covered calls for fun and profit, but I didn't know about the strategy of writing puts. You can learn about it in Laurie's book. A helpful, easy read.
    - John McBride

"I think all women should read this book and I plan to give copies of this as a gift to the women in my life that I love and care about."
    - Tracey Laszloffy

"I wish I would have had this information when I was a young woman but it's never too late to begin. People need to know this information and learn to make wise decisions when they are young. It's a call to take charge of your future and make it happen."
    - Marj Kammer

"I'm very impressed with the clarity, warmth and personal information included. This is truly a woman's book. Even for women who don't want to do their own investing, it is valuable to understand how the system works."
    - Linda Charles

​"This book has a very personable approach, and I do hope the author plans to write more books! 5 stars!"
    - Rutu Mulkar-Mehta

Every Woman Should Know Her Options: Invest Your Way To Financial Empowerment
Reached Amazon Best Seller Status in Three Categories